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Robotic arm in the OR believed by reader to be better than older surgical procedure

Q: Have you any knowledge about MAKOplasty computer aided partial knee replacement? My left knee is giving me trouble and I am not keen about having knee replacement. What I've found on the internet sounds promising. A: MAKOplasty is a surgical procedure for partial knee (or total hip) arthroplasty that utilizes a robotic arm developed by MAKO Surgical Corporation. The procedure has been cleared by the FDA for knees and hips, allowing surgeons to coordinate either procedure by using three dimensional computer imaging based on a CT scan. During the actual surgery the robotic arm system provides auditory, visual and tactile control that guides the surgeon to cut away only the bone planned to be re-sected prior to surgery and leave the surrounding healthy tissue in place -- a process … [Read More...]

Monthly Awareness

Monthly Awareness – July

Group B streptococcus (GBS) is a topic seldom talked about, yet is a common bacterium carried in the intestines or lower genital tract. It is generally harmless yet can cause infections in adults who suffer from specific chronic medical conditions such as liver disease or diabetes. Surprisingly, many adults carry group B strep within the body – most commonly in the throat, bladder, vagina, bowels, and rectum. This specific bacterium is not sexually transmitted, nor is it spread through food or water. Those adults at an increased risk for the bacterium include diabetics, having a compromised immune system such as HIV, have liver disease, or cancer. A great deal of attention is paid to pregnant women carrying GBS because they can (but may not) pass it off to their babies during labor. … [Read More...]