Daily Column

Dealing with autism

Q: We recently had a family move next door to us and one of the children has autism. I want to be supportive and enjoy our new friends but I would be grateful and feel more comfortable if you could provide some information on autism in general. A: Autism is a complex developmental disability. It is believed the condition presents during the first three years of a person's life, affecting communication and social interaction skills. Individuals with autism have difficulties with non-verbal communication, social interactions, and specific activities. While no two people will have exactly the same symptoms, each will typically prefer to maintain a set of specific behaviors and will resist changes to daily activity – whether major or minor. If symptoms are minor, the child may appear … [Read More...]

Monthly Awareness

A new format for column

Ask Dr. Gott has successfully appeared in the format you read daily, either on line or in your local newspaper. It has come to our attention, however, that some readers feel the style should be modified so it no longer resembles the newspaper column that made Dr. Gott a household name and famous as a syndicated medical columnist for so many years. The modification has already been in process for several months and is being worked on as you read this notice. Dr. Gott's staff is unaware of the proposed format that is being designed and which will take about a month more to get up and running. In the interim, favorite columns will reappear and readers will be the first to know of the style that has been chosen for continuation of his column. We have been honored to represent a column … [Read More...]