Daily Column

Husband appears to be sleeping his life away

Q: My 33-year-old husband has a sleep disorder. When he is asleep he hears no sounds – including his three alarm clocks, telephone, or any loud noises. I have to make several attempts to wake him for work which often results in me being late for my work. He is tired all through the day and has very low energy levels. The problem has been going on for several years and seems to be worsening as time goes on. He has talked to our family doctor about this disorder that runs in his family, along with insomnia and sleep walking. The doctor did a physical exam and ran blood work to test for low iron, thyroid problems, and other abnormalities. Nothing other than what was described as a “old mono virus” was found. A CT was run on his brain and nothing was found there. He was tested for … [Read More...]

Monthly Awareness

On fresh foods and obesity

Interestingly, awareness subjects for the month of September focus on two subjects – “fruits and veggies” and “childhood obesity”. It certainly appears, at least to the writer, that the two subjects go hand-in-hand. Fruits and vegetables are known to provide countless health benefits and those individuals that eat a well-balanced diet can lower their risk for such conditions as obesity and a great deal more. Despite this, statistics prove that most of us fail to consume the recommended amounts every day. Obesity is a serious condition that affects individuals of all ages. It is known to occur in children who are above their normal weight for their age, build and height. The problem is that issues once confined to older individuals is now affecting children. Diabetes, … [Read More...]