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Three docs all have a different reason for woman’s pain

Q: Can you address the condition known as thoracic outlet syndrome? I'm a 73 year old female. My family physician tells me it is because I have an extra rib. When I had tests (nerve conduction, EKG and others) a neurologist told me the condition was caused by my heart not pumping blood fast enough. Still another said it is from a narrowing of the left artery. The pain is excruciating and wakes me up. It is in the left side of my back where it feels as though I have an ice pick stabbing me and in my shoulder, extending to my fingertips. It also feels like a squeezing from under my left breast that goes up into my neck. I do not experience it every night or morning, it seems to coincide with carrying anything heavy. I apply ice and take Tylenol for the pain and it subsides in 30 … [Read More...]

Monthly Awareness

Monthly Awareness

For many individuals, the consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol is probably not harmful. Unfortunately, for others it is – harmful, hurtful, and devastating. More than 18 million Americans suffer from some form of an alcohol use disorder. In addition to this frightening statistic, there are millions of children and family members who experience first hand the devastating effects alcohol creates on everyone involved – employers, spouses, and children, that are part of the alcoholic's life. The economic cost of alcohol abuse and alcoholism has been estimated by the CDC to be $223.5 billion that includes losses in productivity in the workplace, alcohol related health care expenses, impaired driving and motor vehicle crash costs, and law enforcement expenses. The emotional, physical … [Read More...]