Daily Column

Young doctor’s age off putting for woman

Q: My husband's feet and lower legs started swelling a few months ago. He went to an internist who is in his second year of practice. He had blood work and several tests to rule out heart trouble and blockages. The doctor said everything came back normal, including the kidneys and thyroid. He prescribed a water pill and it didn't help. The swelling is still there and my husband is now feeling worse. He has shortness-of-breath. Do you have any advice as to what we should to next? A: The causes for foot and ankle edema are many. The most common systemic diseases involve the kidneys, liver and heart – essentially because of the body's retention of too much sodium. Excess salt can cause the body to retain water which then leaks into interstitial tissue space and results in … [Read More...]

Monthly Awareness

On fresh foods and obesity

Interestingly, awareness subjects for the month of September focus on two subjects – “fruits and veggies” and “childhood obesity”. It certainly appears, at least to the writer, that the two subjects go hand-in-hand. Fruits and vegetables are known to provide countless health benefits and those individuals that eat a well-balanced diet can lower their risk for such conditions as obesity and a great deal more. Despite this, statistics prove that most of us fail to consume the recommended amounts every day. Obesity is a serious condition that affects individuals of all ages. It is known to occur in children who are above their normal weight for their age, build and height. The problem is that issues once confined to older individuals is now affecting children. Diabetes, … [Read More...]