ASEA: cure or fad?

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DEAR DR. GOTT: Can you tell me something about a product called ASEA? It is supposed to be a cure-all for pain when you take two ounces twice a day. Is this a fad or does it work? The cost is about $1 per ounce.

DEAR READER: ASEA is not promoted as a juice, antioxidant or vitamin but as redox-signaling molecules in a bottle. Redox-signaling molecules are what your body creates in order to support the vital functions of the immune system. Pardon me, but what in the heck does that really mean?

The ingredients are sodium and chloride (salt and water)! The product is sold in 32-ounce bottles and promoted as an immune booster. The recommendation is that a person drinks between four and eight ounces about 20 minutes before exercising on an empty stomach. There is no need for a daily dose to keep your redox level high. You can’t overdose on it, and only need to use it when you know you will exercise strenuously. I’m not sure about the pain-relief connection.

As long as you asked, I think this is a fad. Stick with a healthful diet, drink adequate fluids to remain hydrated, exercise in an appropriate manner, and save your money.

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